Terms of Service

Terms of Service

1. Event Organizer

YuniCon is organized by HAYU (Zlatko Hamzic), located at Dorfstrasse 4 in 8041 Graz.

phone number: 0650/5403268

E-mail: info@hayuko.at

2. Contract conclusion / Inclusion

1. Ordering of tickets only validates the conclusion of a convention attendence contract. Only with reception of the E-Mail, which includes all infos about confirmation of payment, and follows the terms of service (or “ToS” in short), the contract with the ordering party ( or “visitor”), the contract is valid. This e-mail will be sent out after payment. The visitor agrees to the ToS by ordering.

2. The organizer can decline any order without naming any reasons. In case of a decline, the visitor will be notified within 14 days after their order.

3. In case of event cancellation due to reasons within the organizers sphere, the organizer will refund the full price of the ticket. In case of moving the date, the visitor has to claim the refund within 4 weeks after announcement. The refund will happen withing 90 days for both cases. Any further claims are not valid.

3. Execution

1. YuniCon (or “the event”) will happen at Multiversum, Möhringgasse 2-4, 2320 Schwechat (“event location”). The ToS are valid for the entire event location, as well as all entries and outside areas of the location. Changes within the event location are possible, and will be announced by the organizer prior to the event.

2. Loss of tickets is not a valid reason for any claims

4. Changes in Programming  / Language

1. The organizer has the right to change the announced Program. Minor changes can not result in any claims.

2. The organizer indicates, that part of the program will be held in english. No translations will be provided. No claims are valid based on the fact that visitors do not have the necessary language requirements.

3. Delays in the program do not validate any claims. Furthermore, singular program points can be held in rooms with maximum capacities. These capacities will be enforced by security personal. Participation in those parts of the program can not be guaranteed.

<strong>5. Entry</strong>

1. Entry is only permitted with a valid ticket, which has to be provided to the supervising staff. The personal will be recognizable based on wardrobe.

2. Legal guardians have to provide written proof of their permission, and have to be able to provide a copy of id of the guarded person.

3. The organizer has the right to deny entry without a refund, if a valid reason is present.

4. The entry for dogs – except for guide dogs – and other pets is not permitted anywhere at the event location.

5. Should singular areas or rooms be threatened to overfill, security staff are authorized to temporarily deny entry to those areas, and guide visitors safely. The staff’s instructions have to be followed.

6. Visitors agree that bags, boxes, bagpacks and other transport containers can be searched upon entry and exit.

6. Prohibited items

1. Staff is permitted during entry control, but also for the duration of the event, to check bags and body, to make sure that visitors do not carry any prohibited items with them

2. Should any prohibited items be carried, they have to be retained at the coat check. The organizer further has all rights based on section 7.

7. House rights and behavior at the event 

1. The organizer and staff have the house rights. All instructions made by staff have to be followed.

2. In case of violation, the organizer and/or staff have the right to expel the visitor without refund of the ticket price as well as the right to ban the visitor from re-entering and further events. Should the visitor disregard the ban, the organizer is authorized to contact / use police force to accomplish the ban. No further rights of the organizer are touched upon or restricted by this.

 8. Data protection

1. Upon order, adress data will only be forwarded to third parties for shipping purposes.

find out more about our  Data protection act.

1. The organizer has the right to forward all rights and obligations from the contract to a third party; The visitors will be informed about this by the organizers. In that case, the visitor has the right to extraordinary termination of contract up to one month after perusal.

2. If a visitor does not have jurisdiction within austria or any other EU Country, jurisdiction for contractual disagreements is that of the organizers’ seat.

2. If a visitor does not have jurisdiction within austria or any other EU Country, jurisdiction for contractual disagreements is that of the organizers’ seat.

you can find our terms of withdrawal <a href=”https://www.yunicon.at/widerrufsbelehrung/”>here</a>.

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