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Would you like to be a retailer at the Kokorokon? Then sign up right away!
We will contact you after the registration deadline. As we only have a limited number of places available, we cannot guarantee that every registration will be accepted.

Stand information:

Stand size/price:

  • The running meter costs 90,00€ excl. VAT. Per table (dimensions 50x200cm). a ticket will be provided. The price is for the entire duration of the event.


  • Tables incl. Benches provided by the organizer. The organizer will provide one bench and one ticket per table.
  • If more tickets are required, these must be purchased in advance or on site at the ticket office.
  • All furniture used, including tables and benches, must remain within the dealer area marked by the organizer during the event


  • Fill out the form below by December 1, 2023! We will contact you with an acceptance or rejection after the registration deadline.
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