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18+ Area Content Creator/Club

18+ Area Content Creator/Club 2024

Of course, the celebration of love also has an appropriate place for those who are already of age. The very large 18+ area will have its own stage with a program, as well as its own exhibitors and traders who will be allowed to show their wares without having to worry about minors being in the room.

If you would like to take part, please complete the form below by 01.01.2024.

Whether you draw, crochet or take photos, here you can exhibit your art uncensored and make new contacts.

  • A regular stand costs 80€ (incl. VAT) and includes a table measuring 200x50cm (beer table), a chair and an exhibitor ticket.
  • A deluxe stand costs 100€ (incl. VAT) and includes a table measuring 200x100cm (2x beer table), a chair and an exhibitor ticket.
  • Electricity can be booked optionally for 50€ (incl. VAT).
  • The stands can be shared, please register as an artist duo/circle under a common name (e.g. Artist X & Artist Y) and logo.
  • An extra exhibitor ticket must be purchased in advance or on site.
  • If you need more space, please write an email to 18+@hayuko.at so that we can find a solution.
  • The products you offer should be in the 18+ area and at least 50% of your range should be NSFW. We won’t count your products and charge a percentage on the spot, but we want to offer a consistent picture in the Creator Alley.
  • Ai content is not desired to any extent and in case of suspicion we will contact you accordingly to clarify the suspicion.

→ Registration deadline for the 18+ Area Content Creator/Club is 01.01.2024 and you will receive an acceptance or rejection no later than 12.01.2024.

→ We allocate places on a first-come-first-served basis.

You can also apply for a workshop/program item. Click here for the information

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